Busting Brick Walls

February 22, 2014

This meeting was rescheduled from January 25th due to inclement weather. Prior to the meeting, members submitted brick wall cases.  A panel consisting of:  Aaron Dorsey, Alice Harris and Robyn Smith selected three cases from the eight that were submitted for review during the presentation.  Those who submitted information, but were not selected for the case studies received a token of appreciation. The three selected for case studies received a special gift.

The three members whose cases were selected were: Teresa Beauchamp, Hazel Moore, and James Wray. The selections were based primarily on cases where the research question was fairly specific, the brick wall was well documented and organized, the case has potential broad application to myriad brick walls, where it was clear what you had already researched and found, and where there is a reasonable expectation, based on the time remaining until the meeting, that the panel could make some progress in addressing a specific brick wall issue. The presentation included lessons on methodology for tackling brick walls.